Push mowers

Superior Power Equipment can service, repair or rebuild your push mower for a reasonable price.

Tune-ups assume the engine and equipment is running perfectly. Tune-ups are not intended to bring a machine back to life, but rather are intended as preventative maintenance to lengthen your machine’s life.

Our Tune-up/Service includes the following:

Install new spark plug

Install new air filter/pre-filter

Install new carburetor diaphragm (if applicable)

Change engine oil

Sharpen and balance blade

Check self propel system for function (if applicable)

Clean carburetor/gas tank of old gas (within reason)

Labor (for the tune-up only)

Test run to ensure equipment is functioning properly

Test equipment a final time with customer to ensure satisfaction

Suggest additional repairs

Push mower tune-up prices start at about $45, parts included, and will vary on the Make and Model of the mower.  Variations include the price of specific air filters, whether there is a fuel filter, etc.


Superior Power Equipment also offers the following repairs and services (for additional fees) while your mower is at our shop:

  • Valve adjustment
  • Valve reconditioning
  • Complete engine rebuilding
  • Replace minor engine components
  • Replace major engine components
  • Repair/replace self propel components/systems
  • Replace mower blade
  • Replace belts
  • Replace cables
  • Replace wheels
  • Replace mower chassis components (decks, handles, handle brackets, wheel brackets, etc)


As us about the following options:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Used parts (limited availability)