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Dec 03

Fighting Ethanol: Part 2 – Alternatives to Stabilizers

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Last time we discussed Ethanol-free gas and fuel stabilizers. Something to note is, fuel stabilizers just “stabilize” fuel. If your fuel is bad already, you can not make it fresh again. Essentially, treated fuel will just deteriorate slower than untreated fuel. It prolongs deterioration.

Superior Power Equipment suggests that even if you use ethanol-free gas, treat it with a stabilizer and use it before the end of the season.

If you only use small quantities of fuel, or if a person’s health or life depends on your equipment (example would be a Fire Department), Superior Power Equipment suggests the use of canned fuel. For example, if you only use your chainsaw once, or several times per year, consider using canned fuel. Or if you only use your 2-cycle string trimmer 10-15 minutes every week or two.  The alternative is to use regular gasoline (even ethanol free) but risk damage to your equipment’s carburetor or other fuel components.

Some users find themselves using large quantities of canned fuel each year. Everyone, including commercial users, landscapers, or anyone using several gallons of a single type of fuel (i.e. 4-cycle, 40:1 mix, or 50:1 mix) per year can benefit from canned fuel. Even if you use a large quantity of fuel each season, you can still use canned fuel to protect your equipment during the off-season.  At the end of the season, empty the fuel tank of its current gasoline, whether a mixed gasoline or 4-cycle gasoline. This fuel can be used in vehicles or larger equipment, even if it is mixed fuel. Next you pour several ounces canned fuel into the tank, close the fuel tank cap, and start the engine, running it for several minutes to allow the regular gasoline to be burned out of the system and the canned fuel to completely fill the fuel system. As long as you run the engine long enough to allow the other fuel to burn out completely, your equipment should now be protected by the canned fuel.

Superior Power Equipment is a dealer for Tru-Fuel branded canned fuel and VP SEF (Small Engine Fuel). In large containers SEF is generally less expensive.  It is still more expensive than fuel from the pumps, but it is also a lot more stable.  I’m told the canned fuel has about a 3 year shelf life, until the can is opened. Once the can is opened you can still expect about a 2 year shelf life. A quart of Tru-Fuel (4 cycle, 50-Fuel or 40-Fuel) retails for $6.50. One to two quarts will suffice for most users. Contact Superior Power Equipment for prices, recommendations, quantity prices, or other options.

Mar 11

Fighting Ethanol: Part 1

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On the Superior Power Equipment Facebook Page, I have been discussing Ethanol blended fuel, the life expectancy of Ethanol blended fuels (or lack thereof) and the damage Ethanol causes to your engines and equipment.

Since we know Ethanol blended fuel has a relatively short life expectancy, the obvious question is, “What can I do about the fuel in MY equipment”? There are several options. The first option we need to consider is buying Ethanol-Free fuel.  But how do you know if the fuel contains ethanol? Visit, click on your state and scroll to your city, a city near you.

Keep in mind, this isn’t just for power equipment, but for your vehicles too! Ethanol greatly reduces the fuel economy of your vehicles too. Most motorists who use E85 state the reduced price of this blend is a trade off to the reduced fuel economy. So, its a wash, cost wise. If you consider the damage it causes to your machine or vehicle, its a no-brainer: Ethanol free gas!

Additionally, you can mix your fuel with a fuel stabilizer such as Opti-Mizer or Stabil. Superior Power Equipment is a stocking dealer for the Opti-Mizer fuel stabilizer.  From the Opti-Mizer page:

Opti-Mizer Fuel Stabilizer with Valve Guard, when added to the fuel of any 4-cycle engine, protects before, during and after operation.  Not only does Opti-Mizer protect the entire fuel system for up to 24 months by preventing resin and gum from forming, its exclusive Valve Guard additive also lubricates valves and cylinder top ends.  For extra fuel system and engine top end protection along with easier engine starting, add Opti-Mizer to fuel cans, storage tanks, and your engine’s fuel tank.

From the Stabil page (note the 12 months versus the 24 month protection provided by Opti-Mizer):optimizer16oz-internet

  • Keeps fuel fresh for up to 12 months
  • Eliminates need to drain fuel prior to storage
  • Ensures quick, easy starts after storage
  • Effective in all gasoline, including Ethanol blends
  • For ALL gasoline engines, including 2-cycle

Opti-Mizer also works in 2-cycle fuel. However, your best 2-cycle option is to use Opti-2, which already contains ” “Opti-Mizer” 24 month fuel stabilizer”.  Another benefit of Opti-2 is you can use one can of mixed 2-cycle fuel for ALL 2-cycle equipment, no matter the oil/fuel mix ratio. So, whether your machine requires a mix ratio of 16:1, 32:1, 40:1, or 50:1, Opti-2 works perfectly for your machine!

Next time we will discuss several other options.